Agritech Ethiopia International Expo

Agritech-Expo was created for Farmers as a focal point for all those involved in the agriculture industry to showcase the latest developments in Agri Innovations, machinery and technology in all sectors of agriculture and horticulture, whilst helping farmers work together in synergy to develop new ideas and strategies to help their businesses progress, survive and flourish.
Agritech Expo aims to contribute to the Ethiopia Agribusiness sector where the Trade show creates the import-export link, increases tourism, discovers new technology to the Agribusiness industry from the outer world, provides additional tax revenues and brings worldwide identity through quality, effective and consistency Exhibition.

FinTech Addis Exhibition & Forum

Fintech Addis is Ethiopia’s premier Digital banking and financial technology expo that includes the modern and innovative approach in Finance and Technology. The expo aims to attract top-notch innovators, new Digital banking systems, traders, Accountants, Financial consultants, potential investors and many other stakeholders under one roof he to play a fundamental role for the development of the market, in the heart of East Africa Addis Ababa, the most vibrant market place and strategic hub of the region market. Ethiopia’s radical development progress enjoys a massive Economical and Financial sector.